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  • JCM Chemical Electromagnetic Solenoid Dosing Metering Pump
    The JCM Series solenoid dosing pumps offer an extensive range of features, including microprocessor control for accurate and flexible automation in response to instrument signals. The microprocessor design employs a customized liquid crustal display (LCD) and a taxtile response keypad. The "state-of-the-art" surface mount electronics are fully encapsulated to ensure protection in its working environment. all external inputs and outputs are opto-isolated from microprocessor.
  • Industrial Chemical Hydraulic Diaphragm Dosing Pump
    Seal no leakage, hydraulic driven diaphragm, maintenance free
    High precision inlet and outlet check valve
    Built in adjustable pressure relief valve, limit automatic oil filling valve to ensure measurement accuracy.
  • Industrial Chemical High Pressure Piston Plunger Metering Pump
    Maximum rated flow: 0-22L/h
    Can be made into multiple parallel use
    To adapt to the medium temperature: less than or equal to 250 DEG C
  • LQRY Hot Oil Pump
    Thermal oil pump adopts the self-heat-radiating structure, change the traditional water cooling structure, make it more simple, small volume, economy operation cost, good performance, reliable operation, it is the second generation product based on our country digesting and absorbing foreign technology.
  • KCB Gear Oil Pump
    KCB series gear oil pump is applicable to transport lubricating oil or other liquids properties similar to lubricants that not containing solid particles and fiber, noncorrosive, no more than 80 ℃, viscosity 5 x 10-6 ~ 1.5 x 10-3m2 / s (5-1500cSt).
  • CYZ-A Self-priming Centrifugal Oil Pump
    The CYZ Self-priming centrifugal oil pump is the new pump developed based on international technical information. The pump has the ability of simple structure, easy operation, smooth running, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life, strong ability of self-absorption. No bottom valve needed to install in the pipeline, just to ensure that pump body filled with priming oil before work. It is suitable for the oil tanker or water transportation on the ship, it can also be used as stripping pumps.
  • G Single Screw Pump
    G type single screw pump for a single screw-type transport pumps, because of its excellent performance in recent years in the domestic application of rapid expansion. Its most important feature of the media flexibility and a smooth flow, pressure, pulse of small, self-absorption capacity, which is by any other species can not replace the pump can be realized liquid, gas, solid multiphase lose, applied to Chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing and dyeing, paper, electricity and other transportation industries lubrication or non-lubricating medium, corrosive media, containing a small amount of tiny solid particles of medium and low viscosity of the medium to high viscosity,
  • SB Drum Oil Pump
    SB Series Electric Transfer Pump is a kind of barrel pump, it is easy to use and maintenance, and high efficiency. SB Series Electri Transfer Pump can put the tube into the drum to pump liquid. It is widely used to transfer acid, alkali, oil and drink, and some low-viscosity liquid in industry of chemical plant, petrochemical industry, Fine Chemicals, dye chemical, water treatment and food section etc. SB Series Electric Transfer Pump is also an ideal oil transfer tool in oil station, oil tanker, ship, truck etc.
  • IH Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump
    IH series pumps is single-stage end-suction (axial suction) cantilever type centrifugal pump, which is used to transport corrosive liquid with viscosity similar to water and without solid particles. The marked and rated performances and dimensions adopt ISO2858 international standard.
  • IHF Teflon Lined Chemical Pump
    IHF fluorine plastic centrifugal pump is made according to the international standards and combining nonmetal pump design process. Pump body adopt metal casing lining FEP (F46), pump cover, impeller and bushings use metal embedded parts coating fluorine plastic sintering, shaft seals use out-fitted type advanced bellows mechanical seal, static ring choose 99.9% alumina ceramics (or si3n4), rotating ring adopt F4 filled material, its anti-corrosion and wear-resisting ability is extremely good.



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