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Terms & Conditions

PRICES: All prices are subject to change without notice and all shipments will be invoiced at the price in effect at the time of shipment, except when otherwise agreed to in writing by us. Published prices are for products of our standard design and construction and any item not covered by the most recent published price list must be referred to us for special pricing. All taxes will be charged extra at actual at the time of shipment.

QUOTATIONS: Prices quoted by us are valid for 30 days from date of quotation unless we have otherwise specified in writing. If any type errors on quotations are subject to our correction and such errors will not be binding.
CANCELLATION AND REVISIONS: No purchase orders accepted and acknowledged by us may be cancelled or revised by you except with our prior written consent and upon payment of reasonable cancellation charges compensating us for all costs incurred in work done and material purchased. We reserve the right to determine cancellation charges.
RETURN OF EQUIPMENT: No equipment shall be returned to us without first obtaining Returned Goods Authorization approval code and shipping instructions from us. The customer must prepay the freight charges in full to our factory. Equipment which has been used, however slight, will not be accepted. Authorization will not be given for return of equipment,

(1) which would, in our opinion, result in an excess in the amount of stock we normally carry,
(2) not invoiced within the last 12 months,
(3) which is non-standard and manufactured specifically to a buyer’s specified cautions. For non-standard equipment not of our manufacture, the only credit allowed will be such credit as may be allowed by the manufacturer of such equipment. Equipment must be returned within 30 days of the issuance of the Returned Goods Authorization. Unauthorized returns may be refused and\or returned freight collect.

CREDIT AND PAYMENT: Payment is due as noted on our invoice. Overdue accounts are subject to a service charge. All orders are subject to approval of our credit department and we may require full or partial payment in advance. Pro rata payments shall become due as shipments are made. If the shipments are delayed by you for any cause, payments shall become due from date on which we are prepared to make shipment and storage shall be at your risk and expense. If manufacture is delayed by you for any cause, a partial payment based upon the proportion of the order completed shall become due from the date on which we are notified of the delay.

SECURITY INTEREST: We shall have a lien on all goods sold as security for payment on the invoice price, and upon request you shall provide and execute a financing statement showing such lien.

DELIVERY: We will make reasonable effort to meet your delivery requirement provided you provide us, on a timely basis, all approvals, technical data, instructions and credit approval requirements needed for release of the shipment. However, all delivery and/or shipment dates are estimates only unless we have expressly guaranteed delivery of such dates in writing at your specific request. In no event shall we have any liability if delivery is delayed by strikes, labor disturbances, material shortages, plant calamities or disaster, acts of God, government actions, civil disturbance, the failure of any pre-supposed condition of the contract, withholding shipments due to credit clearance, or other interferences beyond our reasonable control, and the date of delivery shall be extended for a period of time equal to the time lost because of any such reason.

SHIPPING: Unless you specify in writing and we acknowledge in writing, (A) goods will be boxed or crated as we may deem proper for protection against normal handling and for domestic shipment, (B) routing and manner of shipment will be at our discretion, and may be insured at your expense. An extra charge will be made for special handling. All shipments are FOB Shanghai, China. Delivery of goods to the initial carrier will constitute delivery to you and all goods will be shipped at your risk. A claim for loss or damage in transit must be entered with the carrier and prosecuted by you.
Acceptance of material from a common carrier constitutes a waiver of any claims against us for delay, damage or loss.

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