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Application Fields


From family homes to commercial buildings and at all levels of the district energy network, Suoto supplies a complete solution and also develops highly efficient and sustainable HVAC systems in close cooperation with OEM customers.
Water Recirculation  
Waste Water Drainage

Products: end suction pump, multistage pump, sewage pump, fire pump

Industrial Production

Suoto supplies a broad range of pump systems and solutions for industrial processes, industrial utilities and system builders and OEMs. Suoto combines competencies within customization and engineering with system integration and built-in intelligence, ensuring the perfect solution for specific industrial applications.
Industrial Process: chemical industry, food industry, energy, mining industry, etc.
Industrial Utilities: refrigeration, heating, washing, waste water treatment, fire protection, etc.
Products: diaphragm pump, magnetic pump, canned motor pump, oil pump, vacuum pump

Municipal Engineering

Better City, Better Life. Every day, Suoto provides residents around the world with clean drinking water. We supply a full line of equipment and solutions designed specifically for city water utility applications. Suoto is at the forefront in promoting and facilitating energy efficiency and sustainable technology, ensuring that water supply and wastewater facilities meet future challenges and regulations.
Raw Water Intake
Drinking Water and Waste Water Treatment
Water Distribution
Waste Water Transport
Flood Control

Products: stainless steel pump, split casing pump, self-priming trash pump, submersible sewage pump

Environmental Protection

Our extensive experience in waste water engineering ensures smooth process flows in industrial, municipal and domestic waste water transport. For Suoto, a responsible approach to the environment is just as important as delivering maximum efficiency, product and service quality.
Waste Water Drainage
Waste Water Treatment
Sewage Purification
Sea Water Utilization

Products: submersible sewage pump, self-priming trash pump, diesel trash pump

Irrigation and Agriculture

Suoto can supply pumping solutions for irrigation, agriculture and livestock applications that reduce energy costs, safeguard the water resource, and keep productivity at its best. 
Gardens Irrigation
Fertigation and Chemigation
Freshwater Aquaculture
Livestock Handling

Products: deep well pump, self-priming pump, diesel pump

Energy and Power

Our technically advanced and comprehensive pump program convince power station operators and plant engineering contractors all over the world. Suoto products are ideally suited for economical and reliable energy generation.
Public Waterworks
Power Station
Oil and Gas Industry

Products: split casing pump, boiler water feed pump, gear oil pump


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