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  • 2X Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
    The functional diagram of rotating vane pumps is shown in the figure. The rotating vane pump mainly consists of the stator, rotor, rotary vane, fixed cover, spring and components. The structure is formed by rotor which eccentricly installed in the chamber of the stator (the outer circle of the stator is tangental to the inner surface of rotor, and the gap between the two is very small) and the two rotary vanes which adhere to the inner wall of the stator with the assistance of spring tension and centrifugal force and slide in the rotor slot, and when the rotor rotating, the two rotary vanes are always sliding along the inner wall of the stator.
  • 2XZ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
    2XZ series vacuum pump has bipolar direct connecting structure, the working performance Is consisted of high pressure and low pressure grades. The inhalant hole Connects with vacuum equipment, the air in the container will be inhaled and exhausted Greatly while running.



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