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Horizontal Split Casing Pump

The split casing pump is a new type of single stage double suction centrifugal split pumps with high performance, which are widely used in water delivery in the water plant, circulation water system of air-conditioner, heated water supply, construction, drainage pumping station, power station, industrial water supply system, ship industry, mine, etc.

XS type split casing pump is the new generation of high performance single stage double suction centrifugal pump, mainly used for water plant, air conditioning, water recycling, heating systems, and high-rise building water supply, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, power plants, industrial water supply system , Fire systems, shipbuilding industry, and other places of fluid transmission is the full replacement of SH, S, SA, SLA, SAP type double suction pump. 

Model Description 
Example: XS250-480A-L-R (M.F)-J 
XS - new type split casing pump 
250 - pump outlet diameter (mm) 
480 - impeller diameter (mm) 
A - cutting impeller for the first time 
L - Vertical installation (without the L means horizontal installation) 
R - hot water 
M - wear resistant type 
F - corrosion resistant type 
J - shaft seal is mechanical seal 

Main Parts Material

Part NameMaterial NameGB Code
GB Code·         Cast Iron
·         Ductile Cast Iron
·         Cast Steel
·         HT250
·         QT400-18
·         ZG230-450
Impeller·         Bronze
·         Cast Iron
·         Brass
·         Stainless Steel
·         ZGuSn10Pb1
·         HT250
·         ZCuZn16Si4
·         ZG0Gr18Ni12Mo2Ti
Shaft·         Stainless Steel
·         Carbon Steel
·         Carbon Steel
·         45
Ring·         Bronze
·         Cast Iron
·         Brass
·         Stainless Steel
·         ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5
·         HT250
·         ZCuZn16Si4
·         ZG0Cr18Ni9Ti

Technical Advantage:
1.     Short bearing support, enables the split casing pump work stably with less noise and vibration.
2.     The pipelines arrangement of the split casing pump looks simple and beautiful due to inlet and outlet at a same center line.
3.     The same rotor of the split casing pump can be operated at reverse direction to avoid damage to the pumps by water hammer.
4.     Unique design of middle support, thicker pump casing and using cooling seals, oil lubrication bearing, makes the split casing pump suitable for working at 200 temperature.
5.     The split casing pump can be vertically or horizontally mounted, and the shaft seal can be gland packing seal or mech. Seal.

Cost Advantage:
1.     The efficiency of XS pumps are 2%~3% higher than the same type pumps due to adopting advanced hydraulic model and thus minimum the operating costs.
2.     The NPSH of the split casing pump is 1-3 meters higher than the same type split pumps, thus minimize the foundation costs and extending the using life.
3.     The split casing pump is suitable for any site working condition due to using SKF NSK bearing and other parts chosen by the customers and thus minimize the maintenance costs.

Maintenance Advantages:
1.     It is very easy and simple to replace the mechanical seal due to using cartridge type mechanical seal.
2.     It is rapid easy to assembly and disassembly the rotor parts due to using elastic prestress assembling.
3.     It is unnecessary to make adjustment when assembling.
Technical Support
05 June 2020
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07 June 2020
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10 July 2020
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