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Why use submersible pump?

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Why use submersible pump?

The submersible sewage pump is a widely used equipment in modern industry. It is a water lifting machine in which the motor and pump are directly connected to the water. It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells, and can also be used for water lifting projects in rivers, reservoirs, canals, etc. It can also be used for drainage in cities, factories, railways, mines and construction sites. In this article, we will make a brief introduction and analysis of the advantages and use of submersible pumps.


·The main advantages of submersible pumps.

·The recommended reasons for using submersible pumps.

·How to maintain a submersible pump?


The main advantages of submersible pumps.


·High working efficiency

The submersible pump is highly efficient because it uses a direct connection between the pump and the motor, and the small submersible pump even mounts the pump impeller directly on the motor shaft, eliminating many of the connected parts. In terms of design, the overall size of the pump is shortened, less material is consumed and weight is reduced. In place of the deep well pump, the problem of high failure rates of long shafts is reduced and the reliability of the equipment is improved.


·Easy to use

Submersible pumps have a wide range of applications and are simple to use. When using submersible non clog pumps, they do not require a long drive shaft, can be placed in wells with large deviations and can penetrate more than 100 metres below the surface.


These are the main advantages of submersible pumps. When using submersible pumps, it is important to pay attention to safety matters. For example, submersible pump protection devices are not sensitive and used unreasonably, resulting in leakage and injury accidents.


The recommended reasons for using submersible pumps.


The reasons for using submersible pumps are simple: they are made of safe and hygienic materials, they are not easily degraded, they have a long service life and they meet the needs of the times. With the development of society and the increase in market demand, technological innovation is becoming increasingly important. China's stainless steel submersible pumps continue to innovate technology, the application range is increasingly wide and increasingly concerned about people. Like the previously mentioned, the submersible pump has many advantages, which is why it is favoured by many companies. It is expected that in the future, the social demand for submersible pumps will increase.


How to maintain a submersible pump?


·Avoid frequent switching

When using a submersible pump, do not switch the submersible pump on and off frequently, this is because the electric pump will produce a backflow when it stops. If it is switched on immediately, it will cause the motor load to start, resulting in excessive starting current and burned windings. Because of the high current when starting, frequent starting will also burn the submersible pump motor winding, thus leading to excessive maintenance costs.


·Do not overload for a long time

In order to avoid long-term overload work of submersible deep pump, do not pump the water with large amount of sand and keep observing whether the current value is in the value specified on the nameplate, if the current is found to be too large, should stop to check. In addition, the electric pump dehydration running time should not be too long, so as not to make the motor overheating and burned.


·Determine the direction of rotation

The direction of rotation of the motor should be clarified, do not decide the rotation of the submersible pump without permission. It is understood that there are many types of submersible pump forward and reverse rotation can be water, but the reverse rotation of the small amount of water, the current is large, its reversal time will damage the motor windings.


Do you understand more about the use of submersible pumps from the above information? Our submersible pumps are new high-grade products based on the advanced electric pump technology developed and produced in the USA and Italy. It is anti-pollution, good appearance, easy to install and suitable for many scenarios. You don't need to worry about product quality and after-sales service. If you need to buy a submersible pump, please contact us promptly.



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