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Why submersible pump take high current?

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Why submersible pump take high current?

The pump is a complete market system. A pump is a machine that conveys a fluid or pressurises a fluid. It transmits mechanical energy from the prime mover or other external energy to the fluid to increase its energy. Submersible pumps are mainly used to convey liquids such as water, oil, acid and alkali liquids, emulsions, suspension liquids and liquid metals, but also liquid and gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids. With the development of the times, there are more and more types of pumps. The product to be introduced in this article is the submersible pump, an important equipment for lifting water from deep wells.


·The working principle of submersible pumps.

·Why submersible pump take high current?

·The related precautions for using submersible pump.


The working principle of submersible pumps.


The submersible pump belongs to a kind of centrifugal pump, its working principle is similar to that of centrifugal pump, mainly by means of centrifugal force to complete the work. When the submersible pump is in operation, the impeller rotates at high speed and the liquid in it rotates together with the vanes. Under the action of centrifugal, fly away from the impeller shot outward, the pressure gradually increased, and then from the pump outlet, discharge pipe out. At this time, in the centre of the vane due to the liquid is thrown around and the formation of both no air and no liquid vacuum low pressure area. Liquid pool in the pool surface under the action of atmospheric pressure, through the suction pipe into the pump, the liquid is so continuously from the liquid pool is pumped up and continuously from the discharge pipe out.


Why submersible pump take high current?


·Worn bearings

Worn bearings or shafts and worn sealing rings in submersible pumps may cause an increase in current, the solution is to replace the bearings and shafts.


·Motor overload

Sewage submersible pump using the head is too low resulting in the flow of sewage submersible pump is too large, beyond the use of sewage pump, resulting in motor overload, the solution is to adjust the valve of the sewage submersible pump outlet pipeline, reduce the flow of sewage submersible pump outlet, control the current of the submersible pump in the rated current range to use.


·Liquid level drop

Submersible pump pumped by the liquid level down to the impeller inlet end below the intermittent water and pump motor due to no water cooling caused by heat, the solution can be to close the valve to reduce the amount of sewage pump water, or install a level control system.


The above is the main reason for the increase in submersible pump current. Submersible pump is a kind of pump equipment operating in the water, it has high requirements for the motor and design. In addition to the above mentioned recommendations, submersible pumps have very strict sealing requirements. If the seal is damaged, replace it immediately to avoid water penetration and damage to the motor and other equipment.


The related precautions for using submersible pump.


There are many operational considerations for submersible pumps. Submersible pumps generally have requirements for the up and down deviation range of power supply voltage and frequency, and areas with unstable power supply should be observed to prevent damage. For high-power submersible pumps use reduced-voltage start or soft start to reduce the impact on low-voltage electrical equipment near the grid, instruments, automatic control systems and the submersible pump itself. In addition, when it comes to safe submersible pumps, first check whether the diameter of the well, the depth of hydrostatic water and the power supply system meet the conditions for use to avoid safety accidents.


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