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What are the requirements for the use of submersible pumps?

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What are the requirements for the use of submersible pumps?

As a general-purpose machine, the pump has a wide range of uses. As pumps have evolved, a wide variety of pumps have emerged, with a variety of names, which are called and classified differently in various pump books. At present, pumps have become a mature market system and there are more and more pumps on the market. The pumps we are introducing today are submersible pumps, the use of which will be highlighted in this article.


·What is the submersible pump?

·The characteristics of submersible pumps.

·Notes on the use of submersible pumps.


What is the submersible pump?


The submersible pump is an important piece of equipment for lifting water from deep wells. It is a pump that is immersed in a groundwater well to pump and convey water, and is widely used in agricultural drainage and irrigation, industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply and drainage and sewage treatment. It is worth noting that the submersible pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, generally the motor and the pump body are integrated, so the whole pump can be put into the water to pump water, and its efficiency is very high.


The characteristics of submersible pumps.


·Compact design

The compact design of the submersible pump makes it easy and simple to install, use and maintain, covering a small area and eliminating the need for a pump house.


·Low noise level

Submersible pumps operate underwater with little noise, making them suitable for water supply and drainage in places where a quiet working environment is required, such as schools, hospitals, hotels, halls etc. In addition, submersible pumps operate underwater, the characteristics of submersible pumps are not affected by the climate and the surrounding work environment, easy to conceal, suitable for warfare and strategic needs.


These are the main features of submersible pumps. It is worth noting that there is a direct relationship between the suitability of the conditions under which submersible electric pumps are used and their proper management and service life. Using submersible pumps to lift water, the depth of lift increases and cavitation is less of a problem.


Notes on the use of submersible pumps.


When using a submersible pump, the model of the pump should be selected according to the actual situation of the water source and the requirements of the working time and the amount of water to be pumped. Firstly, the head should be chosen to be greater than the drop between the water intake and the outlet; secondly, the flow rate of the pump should be able to meet the requirements of flooding and irrigation. 

At the same time, the sewage submersible pump also has certain requirements for the use of the environment. For example, there is a safe and reliable power supply, and the difference between the outlet and the water surface of the pool should be less than the head. In addition, a relatively clean water source should be chosen to avoid affecting the efficiency of the submersible pump.


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