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WLW Vertical Reciprocating Piston Oil Free Vacuum Pump

WLW vertical oil-free (corrosion-resistant) reciprocating vacuum pump is the upgraded product to replace W horizontal vacuum pump, and the principal equipment to obtain rough vacuum.
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Reciprocating vertical oilless vacuum pump (also called piston vacuum pump) is one of the low-vacuum obtaining equipment. Its ultimate pressure is usually within 1330~2660PA, and the pumping rate range is wider that is from 50L/S to 600L/S. Reciprocating vacuum pump is applicable to the vacuum impregnation, vacuum treatment of molten steel, vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum crystallization, vacuum drying, vacuum filtration in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, food, light industry, metallurgy, electric and other industries, as well as pumping gases for the vacuum treatment of concrete and other areas, but either not applicable pump the gases which have excessive oxygen content, poisonous and explosive feature, corrosive effects to metals, and dust particles, nor act as a transfer pump to transfer gas form one container to another. 

(1) Small power consumption and significant energy-saving effect;
(2) Small floor space and low working noise;
(3) Cylinder adopts forced water cooling with good cooling effect;
(4) Adopt advanced sealing structure to put an end to oil splash;
(5) Due to the rational structure and uniform stress of each moving part, the service life is extended.

WLW vertical oil-free (corrosion-resistant) reciprocating vacuum pump is the upgraded product to replace W horizontal vacuum pump, and the principal equipment to obtain rough vacuum. As adopt the full sealing device, it realizes the complete isolation of the crankcase from the cylinder; In addition, self-lubricating materials are used for piston ring to achieve the advanced oil-free lubrication.

Since no sewage is discharged, this type of vacuum pump is especially suitable for the vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation,vacuum drying, vacuum concentration, vacuum impregnation, and other processes in chemical, medicine, food and other industries.


Technical Support
05 June 2020
Common failures of self-priming pumps

During the daily use of the self-priming pump, there will be some more common problems. For example, the self-priming pump's non-pumping problem will be caused by many different reasons, so how do we deal with these problems is the key. The reasons why the self-priming pump does not pump water include the following aspects.

07 June 2020
Classification and difference of submersible pumps

The hot water submersible pump is used for hot spring bathing, and can also be used for extracting groundwater from deep wells, and can also be used for water lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs, and canals. It is mainly used for farmland irrigation and human and animal water in high mountain areas. It can also be used for central air conditioning cooling, heat pump units, cold pump units, cities, factories, railways, mines, and construction site drainage. The general flow rate can reach 5~650m³/h, and the head can reach 10-550 meters.

irrigation-5296006_640 (1).jpg
10 July 2020
Diaphragm pump application advantages

Diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machinery that can convey various corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, and highly toxic liquids. Diaphragm pump has four materials: plastic, aluminum alloy, cast iron, stainless steel.


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