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German Bauer comes and discuss domestic soil pollution repair

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Recently, the German Bauer company director Dr. Roman Breuer made a special trip to visit company headquarters, the main purpose of his trip is to discuss the possibility of business cooperation in the Chinese market the environmental protection such as soil remediation.
German Bauer is a listed company in Germany, has a history of 200 years, is a large-scale group company.Bauer company started from the production of complete sets of equipment, main business now has three major parts, respectively the infrastructure construction, equipment manufacturing, environmental resource management.Group company sales 1.5 billion euros in 2013, with more than 110 subsidiaries in more than 70 countries around the world , over 10 thousand employees.
Accompanied by the project manager, Dr. Roman cheerfully visit the company products showroom, product lines and equipment processing workshop, Mr Roman was very satisfied by the manufacturing equipment and processing capacity of the company.Although it is the first approach, both strength and cooperation sincerity are recognized.Dr. Roman  will send the formal invitation letter after back to Germany, invited our managerment leaders visit to German Bauer headquarters and the site of the project, and discuss the detailed scheme of cooperation.
With German Bauer ahead in the field of environmental governance and management technology and a sound service network and market information channel, the partnership will be undoubtedly complementary advantages.After cooperation successfully, we will open up new territory, in the field of domestic soil pollution repair, become a banner of domestic soil environmental governance.



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